heard em say

dream beautiful and unusual,
wake up like everyday new to you,
stay true to you.
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kept myself busy with various social events all week. first and last UCC, last PAA semi-formal banquet, last Jaymie’s fashion show, last PASS banquet, first EPR for Minaji, first Baldo’s since I’ve been back, first Boiling Crab since I’ve been back. basically catching up on my social life here… and food.

life is pretty good right now, feeling really relaxed after a long, exciting yet exhausting (physically and financially) semester. but lately, I can’t help but notice things I’ve missed about California, things I better appreciate now that I’m back home. for example, I love having free water again when I go out to eat, definitely missed that here. also, just having a lot of old favorites to eat again, go to spots like Steve’s Korean BBQ.. you really don’t realize what you have til it’s gone, or in my experience, til you’re abroad for 4 months and can’t eat them. surprisingly though, there are also certain things that make me miss Barcelona, stuff I realize I took for granted when I was over there. I went out to a club Wednesday night in SF and it is definitely not comparable to the crazy Sutton Wednesday evenings in Barcelona. let’s just say I took for granted the nightlife out there: out at 1am til 4am, Vegas-esque club layouts, and a crazy party scene guaranteed. I also miss speaking Spanish, especially since I’ve been so used to conversing with cab drivers and shop keepers when I was abroad. I really don’t want to lose it right now, but I know I probably will since I have no one to practice with. the most I’ve spoken here was to the guys at Steve’s Korean to ask para una bolsa, para llevar. mannn, I missss it so much! :( 

well right now, I’m at Crossroads (wtf right, I have no finals…) and all I have to worry about is helping with Grad Bash, reading and finishing Catching Fire, and organizing my 1,500 spring break photos (Rome, Amalfi Coast, Prague, Dublin, London). mmm gotta get to work!

Good Feeling - Flo Rida

as we began are descent into San Francisco, this song started playing on the airplane radio (which I rarely listen to actually). I thought it was very fitting, as I gazed down onto the city and followed the lines of cars with my eyes, attempting to guess which freeway was which, which bridge was which. yup, I had a pretty damn good feeling as I came home. didn’t realize how much I could miss a place, not until you’re gone for so long I guess?

don’t get me wrong, Europe was great - one of those life experiences you definitely have to check off the to do list. seeing the different shapes and sizes, different flavors and smells of each European city was an amazing experience. but after living in Asia, the East Coast, and now Europe, I can honestly admit that I will forever be a California girl. this state spoils me.